Why SOLID webKey works

The golden rule for staying safe online is to use a different password for every single service you use.

SOLID webKey creates and remembers long, hard to crack passwords that are unique to every site you visit. Just plug SOLID webKey into your computer, enter your master password, and copy and paste from your password vault.

Passwords that are easy to crack:

  • password
  • 123456
  • dr4g0n
  • 05/03/1984
  • 2bornot2b
  • mydogsname

Passwords that are hard to crack:

  • arpWK1lN$aeImH2J
  • whistle glass purple
  • 2b0ntobe4g3ntlemn0fv3r0n4
  • mTIXJ2uPWN0naPa*
  • Passwords like this will protect your account. You might remember one or two, if you have a good memory…

SOLID webKey can remember them all (plus 1 996 more)

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